About Richard Glover #79

Richard Glover : Born in Bayonne, Richard Glover was raised in Jersey City. He attended PS #15 and Snyder High School. He went on to a fabulous college football career that has earned him a place in the herald College Football Hall of Fame. As one of college football elites his national honors includes the Outland Trophy, and the prestigious Lombardi Award. In 1972 he was voted 3rd in the Heisman voting, the first defensive player to receive such a high rating. He is ranked number 45 for the all time greatest college football players and was selected by Sports Illustrated to be a member of the 'Team of the Century'! He had an opportunity to play football in the NFL with the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. His resume includes coaching football in division one colleges and a long career teaching children in the public school system. He is presently the Football Consultant for the Jersey City Board of Education in Jersey City and actively developing the All Access to Life Foundation for all children in the area. More on Richard Glover...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Glover

Board of Trustees

Founder & Co Founder

Richard Glover Founder/President

Sonja Riley-Glover Co Founder/CEO

Rose King Trustee

Daryl White Trustee

Viviana Muñiz Trustee

Drhue Robinson Trustee

Richard Glover Jr. Trustee

Token Glover  Trustee

Nicole Glover Trustee


Advisory Trustees

Jan Brody
Paul Kaliades


About the Trustees

Sonja Riley-Glover: Instructor for Central Texas Community College-Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Foundation.

Rose King:
Her background is Business - She brings to the Foundation quality control.

Daryl White: Teacher and Coach in the Newark Public School System in New Jersey - His interest includes fundraising and corporate sponsorship for the Foundation.

Jan Brody- Attorney at Law

Paul Kaliades – CEO of his Company

Viviana Muñiz - Her background is in business.

Drhue Robinson - Educator and athletic trainer

Richard Glover Jr. - Coach

Token Glover - works within the community (volunteerism is her specialty)

Nicole Glover - licensed therapist. She brings to the foundation life coaching and mentoring.




In 2004 Richard felt there was a need to give back to Jersey City, a need to give more to inner city kids. He developed the Richard Glover Football Camp in conjunction with Jersey City Parks and Recreation but he was limited to the summers because of his job. When the opportunity presented itself Richard decided to go home. In an effort to give back to his community he founded The Richard Glover All Access to Life Foundation. We were incorporated in New Jersey Oct 2004 and are a 501c(3) organization

His vision is to provide opportunities for all children (target inner city) to have access to the American Dream.

Our mission is to educate and enrich children's' lives. Using the concept of team and working together children will have the opportunity to learn to use life skills, to appreciate the importance of academia, understand the value of the arts and finally be involved in their community.

Our Motto: TOUCH ONETOUCH MANY is evidenced in our efforts to involve the community in many of the projects and activities that we provide our children.

We work with Community Volunteer and organizations such as the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity who volunteer time for our youth camps, CAS (Community Awareness Series) and the Jersey City Parks and Recreations Department they provide much of the space we need to accommodate the many children we serve.

While we are not political involved we make an effort to find out the needs of our community and welcome ideas that we can pursuit that will enrich our children’s lives. We feel that it is important for our community to work hand in hand with those who have an interest in their neighborhood.